Our experienced and multidisciplinary team works together with experts from our partners to innovate thermoplastic composites. The TPAC aims at the understanding of thermoplastic composites and their manufacturing processes on an applied research level. The main objective of the TPAC is to provide a breeding ground for regional and national companies who want to innovate with thermoplastic composites by offering access to expertise and manufacturing facilities.

Rik Brouwer

Composite Engineer and Design
MSc in Aerospace engineering

Ilse ten Bruggencate

Process engineer
BSc in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering & Management

Marco Del Vecchio

Composite materials engineer

MSc in Materials engineering

Ferrie van Hattum

Technical Director
PhD in Polymer engineering

Remi Hoefman

Research Technician
BSc in Mechanical engineering

Patrick Sloot

Research Technician
Construction engineering

Rik Voerman

Programme Manager Lightweight Structures
MSc in Mechanical engineering

Marieke Voordouw


Bert Weteringe

Thermoplastic Composite Engineer
BSc Aerospace engineering

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