Recycling of air filters

In the past months, ThermoPlastic composites Application Center (TPAC) has worked closely together with CIM Fieldlab, Brink Climate Systems and Hogeschool Saxion students looking into the possibilities of recycling Brink's air filters as part of creating a circular business model. The project offered the students a challenging real-life industrial problem to be solved in intense collaboration, under the supervision of Harrie van Bommel, [...]

September 7th, 2022|

Funding RAAK-PRO project approved by Regieorgaan SIA

On 16 May 2022 TPAC received the formal approval for the RAAKPRO project “New Generation Stiffened Thermoplastic Composite Products” from RegieOrgaan SIA. The project has a lead time of 4 years and will start per 1 July 2022. On the 30th of June a pre-kick-off meeting was organized at TPAC together with the consortium partners. It started with [...]

July 7th, 2022|

We are hiring!

TPAC is looking for a  Composite Engineer Your Characteristics: into polymers/ composites; a team player; a result-driven, pragmatic academic; open for innovation. Your Qualifications and Experience: the skills to run/manage a multidisciplinary project with industry; a relevant degree; affinity with thermoplastic composites; a hands-on attitude; good communication skills (both oral as well [...]

June 28th, 2022|

Graduation internship at TPAC

Fourth-year mechatronics ROC students Lars van der Heijden and Luuk van den Berg graduating and ending their assignment at Saxion’s TPAC (Enschede). Luuk van den Berg and Lars van der Heijden finished their assignment at TPAC and graduated with good grades at ROC Hengelo: Luuk worked on the design and manufacturing of an extruder, that could be [...]

June 22nd, 2022|Tags: , , |

TPAC goes Circular!

Recycling of thermoplastics is an important research area of TPAC. Within the Programme Fieldlab Circulaire Innovaties in de Maakindustrie this year three projects were started, for three totally different working fields: 1)  Circular Insulating Sandwich Panels for the Building Industry Here, TPAC uses scrap panels and its cutting waste, grinds it into small particles and moulds [...]

Students at Saxion’s TPAC

In 2021 a number of students started their internship / graduation assignment or 3S project at TPAC. Varying from Mechatronics, Fashion & Textile Technologies, International Business, Commercial Economics, Creative business to Mechanical Engineering, from ROC Twente to Saxion. From left to right: Niels Nijhuis, Luuk van den Berg, Jarne Vennegoor, Lars van der Heijden, Donato Titulaer, Ties [...]

December 7th, 2021|

TPAC features in latest Strategic Research Agenda for Universities of Applied Sciences

The Dutch Association of Universities of Applied Sciences recently published its new Strategic Research Agenda for Universities of Applied Sciences 2022-2025. The agenda outlines how UASs can further boost the impact of applied research in the years to come. In the agenda, TPAC features as an example of a center for applied research with impact on society. [...]

December 1st, 2021|

TPAC researcher Rik Voerman on air with 1Twente

Rivers full of floating plastic, huge piles of household plastic waste. Is it possible to develop circular solutions in the east of the Netherlands to combat the worldwide surplus of waste from thin plastics and films? TPAC researcher Rik Voerman was on air with 1Twente, to explain how decentralised recycling could be the solution to these problems. [...]

November 29th, 2021|

Research of Saxion’s TPAC into recycling of thin-walled plastics enters a new phase

Auteur: Anne Hurenkamp            Date: 12 October 2021            Source: Saxion News Enschede - Rivers full of floating plastic, huge piles of household plastic waste. We know the worrying images from the media. Is it possible to develop circular solutions in the east of the Netherlands to combat the worldwide [...]

October 13th, 2021|

Saxion TPAC presents at SAMPE Europe conference 2021, and wins award

Marco Del Vecchio and Ilse ten Bruggencate presented their research work during SAMPE Europe 2021, a conference for materials and process engineering, which was held from 28-30 September. Marco Del Vecchio presented his scientific paper entitled Use of construction waste in wood fibre composites in the session “sustainability & recycling”. Marco has been working on the processing [...]

October 13th, 2021|

Student at Saxion TPAC developed reuse composite tape

New opportunities for application rejected production material CompTape, a Dutch supplier of thermoplastic composite tape, was looking for a solution to also enter the market for compression moulded products in the composite world and, at the same time, find a sustainable destination for its rejected material.  This company now supplies glass fiber reinforced plastic ‘tape on the roll’ [...]

May 25th, 2021|

Student team iFall from TU Delft wins design competition 3D printed tower

Enschede - The student team iFall from Delft University of Technology won the competition for additive manufacturing that was organized by SAMPE Benelux. Student teams from the Benelux were invited by the organization SAMPE Benelux to participate in a competition in the field of additive manufacturing. Six teams from TU Delft (NL) and University Ghent (B)  participated and [...]

May 25th, 2021|

Ferrie van Hattum on the ‘Nationale Autoshow’ of BNR news radio

On the 'Nationale Autoshow' of BNR nieuwsradio, Ferrie van Hattum explains how cars can be lighter in the future, by using composite materials. He explains how research in the 3D Faim and FIBREREC project lead to a industrial automotive demonstrator made 100% from recycled plastic. Did you miss the interview? You can listen to it here. A previous [...]

May 18th, 2021|

Research provides promising opportunities for high-value applications of recycled plastics

Automotive composite demonstrator made out of 100 percent recycled plastic ENSCHEDE - The TPAC laboratory of Saxion University of Applied Sciences recently presented the results of a three-year study, into the possibilities of using plastic recyclates in fiber-reinforced composite products. Many promising results have been achieved, one of the most important being the first-time automotive demonstrator, an example [...]

May 14th, 2021|

Online injection molding practice in TPAC

The Mechanical Engineering program at Saxion University of Applied Sciences has a plastics module in which students learn about the various processing techniques for plastics. This used to be a purely theoretical matter, but the practical at TPAC should change this. The most commonly used plastic processing technique is injection moulding. Lecturer / researcher Remi Hoefman: “At [...]

March 25th, 2021|

Over €6 million for Perspective programme ENLIGHTEN: lighter vehicles

TPAC partners in University of Twente-led consortium Over the next few years, Saxion TPAC partners in a University of Twente-led consortium that will be working on research into technological innovations with real economic potential that could help us to achieve a more sustainable world. The research project ENLIGHTEN (Enabling Integrated Lightweight Structures In High Volumes) aims [...]

March 11th, 2021|

ROC-Mechatronics students intern at TPAC

Fourth-year mechatronics students Rene Groeneveld and Rutger Venekatte from the ROC Hengelo are doing an internship at Saxion's TPAC in Enschede.   “Our internship is not actually about plastics or composites. We are more involved as a technical service for the installations at TPAC”, says Venekatte. A range of machines and test setups have been installed and [...]

March 4th, 2021|

Recycled wood good basis for fibres in plastic composites

Research at TPAC shows processing possibilities for scrap wood  ENSCHEDE - In October 2019 research center Saxion TPAC together with recycling company Rouwmaat and Innodeen, an innovator of plastic- and plastic composite products, started the project B–hout Behoud (B-wood Preservation). Based on the thought that recycled wood should not be incinerated but re-used, the partners developed a way [...]

February 19th, 2021|

Textile weaving company seeks future in novel composite materials

ACTK-director Meihuizen: weaving future materials In the city of Enschede - once world’s second-largest textile city – almost all textile weaving companies have gone, except ACTK. But also the future of this long-standing weaving company is at stake. Director Coert Meihuizen now invests in development and co-operates with TPAC of Saxion. “We cannot keep on going with [...]

November 23rd, 2020|

Lecturers make test samples for their minor students

Corona rules forced mechanics-lecturer Cees Besteman and his colleagues to make laminates out of glass-fiber composite for their minor-students. Cees Besteman mechatronics lecturer at the academy LED. With his colleagues Jos ter Laak and Peter Wichers Schreur, he takes care of the minor AMPE. The Advanced Materials and Production Engineering (AMPE) minor, originated from the minor [...]

October 19th, 2020|

TPAC present at SAMPE Europe 2020

TPAC will be present at SAMPE Europe 2020 in Amsterdam! On this conference and exhibiton companies and institutes are presenting  their most recent applications and innovations in composites materials and processes. If you have an interest in processing, automation, recycling or any other TPC related subject, come meet TPAC at the Dutch Composite Fieldlabs Pavilion at SAMPE Europe [...]

September 16th, 2020|

Rotocraft access panel from recycled carbon PPS

World's first flying fully recycled thermoplastic composite application in aerospace. TPAC is proud to announce that the demonstrator product of our TPC-Cycle project has officially been flight tested. This rotocraft access panel is made from recycled carbon PPS, utilising a novel recycling route, the panel is lighter and more cost-effective. This demonstrator panel thus is the world's first [...]

June 12th, 2020|

TPAC temporarily closed

Dear reader, Due to the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Saxion University of Applied Sciences has closed down completely its facilities as of Tuesday 17 March 2020. With this, Saxion aims at minimising the health risks for the students and employees. This effectively means that also we at TPAC can no longer access our office and lab space and [...]

March 18th, 2020|

Practical injection molding

First year mechanical engineering students were introduced to injection molding during their practical for ‘non-ferro materials and production’. This class is part of the newly developed mechanical engineering curriculum. Here students look at the entire process of injection molding. This included theory about designing injection molding parts, molds, simulations of the actual injection molding, and the effects of [...]

March 5th, 2020|


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