In the project “CTCP – Circular Thermoplastic Composite Production”, 6 SMEs and 2 Universities of Applied Sciences carried out R&D on the circularity of thermoplastic composites.

The project, financed by Regieorgaan SIA, part of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) through a RAAK-MKB subsidy,  was successfully completed earlier this year.

The following goals were achieved:

  • New material combinations were developed and transformed into UD-tape prepregs. Among these materials: Single Polymer Composites (fibre and matrix are made from the same polymer) and Biobased Composites (natural fibres and biobased polymers
  • Laminates were produced and mechanical properties were determined
  • A new weaving machine was designed and built especially for the weaving of UD-tapes
  • Processing technologies with the new TPC prepregs were investigated,
    such as: vacuüm forming, pultrusion, compression moulding, over-moulding and 3D printing
  • Demonstrators were manufactured that served the interests of the SME’s

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