FIXAR – Future Improvements for Composites Sustainable Automated Repair


Composites are the materials of choice for high-tech, durable, corrosion-resistant complex structures. Because of their high performance-to-weight-ratio, they are extensively used as enablers for the energy transition. As a good example, composites, even though they are often regarded as “new” materials, have become mainstream in the windenergy industry since the 1980s.

How can the aviation- and windenergy sector make composites repair economically viable by applying automated technologies? To answer this question, TPAC, part of Saxion University of Applied Sciences, joined a consortium with Dutch aviation- and wind energy SMEs, CompositesNL, and the InHolland and Amsterdam Universities of Applied Sciences. They will embark on a 2-year applied research project FIXAR: Future Improvements for Composites Sustainable Automated Repair. TPAC will lead the workpackage aimed at reapir of thermoplastic composites.

Project partners

Colosso, Fusion Engineering, Kok en van Engelen (KVE), Pontis, SPECTO Aerospace, Carbonracing, Schatmaker, CompositesNL, Inholland UAS, SaxionUAS, Amsterdam UAS

Advisory Board

Fokker, Hanze UAS, KLM, KLu, Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR), Delft University of Technology, FieldLab Zephyros, LM Windpower


01/10/2019 – 30/09/2021


RAAK-MKB subsidy, financed by Regieorgaan SIA, part of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO)

For more information about this project, please click here or visit the project’s website here.

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