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Continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites (TPCs) can offer greatly  increased properties when properly integrated in injection molded thermoplastics (e.g. increased stiffness, strength, less shrinkage, etc.). The overmolding of TPC wovens/organosheets is increasingly state-of-the-art, but a relatively inefficient way of TPC usage, unnecessarily increasing price and weight. The use of tailored-made continuous fiber TPC inserts, which technology was developed at TPAC, offers an efficient reinforcing capability of thermoplastic products putting only fibre where needed, thus saving weight and costs. However, with this approach issues such as warpage, ease of processing and material compatibility become more critical, so a better control and understanding of these issues is of the essence.

The current project aims at lighter injection molded products at a competitive cost by applying improved continuous glass fiber polyolefin composite inserts overmolded with regular polyolefins. Existing material, process and product solutions will be reviewed with a consortium of parties covering the complete line from material supplier through end-user. In the end a functional model will be produced integrating TPC inserts in an existing injection molded product , offering weight saving and increased properties at acceptable costs without significant alterations to existing processing.

Project partners

BYK Netherlands BV, CompTape BV, Engel Benelux BV, Bekuplast GmbH, Euro Pool System International BV


2½ years, Start in January 2016


This research is co-financed by TechForFuture, Centre of expertise HTSM Oost

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