Waste to Wood

Development of a 3D wood printer – from waste material to useful applications.


In the RAAK project ‘Waste-to-Wood’ the 3D printing of wood is developed. Material, process and application are researched simultaneously into:

  1. Suitable combinations (blends) of cellulose and lignin for extrusion;
  2. Developing a 3D printing process and setup for processing these material combinations;
  3. Identifying suitable applications.

Suitable applications are influenced by material properties and the printing process. Both aspects also interact. That is why case studies of possible applications, the mutual influence is fully investigated. The objective is to develop a working 3D ‘wood’ printer with a working recipe and to demonstrate the feasibility of innovative, sustainable and market-relevant applications through cases.

Project partners


WEPA, Falco, CEAD, Vertico, Nedcam, Plegt-Vos, Dynteq, D’Andrea & Evers, Lenferink M.V.A., Liebrand Holding B.V., Oyfo, Bruil, TU-Delft, Wageningen Research, Saxion, ROC Twente


2 years, Start in November 2022


Partly financed by Regieorgaan SIA (RAAK-MKB).

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