In 2024 a number of students have started their internship or graduation assignment at TPAC. Currently we have interns varying from Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineer to Industrial Design, either from Saxion, ROC Twente or the University of Twente.

From left to right: Stijn Baars, Manu Warnet, Tim van Berloo, Mika van der Schaaf and Daan van der Zalm.

Stijn Baars

Stijn is currently finalizing his Mechanical Engineering degree. At TPAC, he has been investigating the mechanical characteristics of recycled glass polypropylene plates. Utilizing various recycling methodologies, flat plates were produced. Stijn developed a testing procedure to evaluate the mechanical properties and compare the different recycling methods with each other. After this project, Stijn will start his engineering career.

Manu Warnet

In February, Manu Warnet started his internship at TPAC, while pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree at Saxion. His internship is part of the TFF project ‘rTPC Processing’. His involvement in this project is designing a cutting mechanism tailored to cut the output of a low shear extruder accurately. Apart from his design assignment, Manu is tasked with assessing a series of flat plates to determine their mechanical characteristics.

Tim van Berloo

Tim, an Industrial Design student from the University of Twente, is at TPAC for his graduation project, which is a segment of the Raak Pro initiative titled ‘New Generation Stiffened Thermoplastic Composite Products’. His research focuses on the application of bio-based materials in furniture design, particularly through winding techniques. An integral part of his project includes conduction a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Mika van der Schaaf 

Mika, a first-year mechatronics student from ROC Twente, is adjusting a tape cutting device at TPAC. This device is designed to accurately cut tape into various lengths, with Mika concentrating on optimizing the electrical components of the system.

Daan van der Zalm.

Daan, a fourth year mechatronics student from ROC van Twente, has returned to TPAC for his graduation assignment after a previous internship experience there. His current project involves the refurbishment of a press and an infrared station.

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