The last period, a large group of new employees has joined our TPAC team. We would like to use this moment to introduce all of them.

From left to right: Wallison da Silva Bezerra, Martijn Jannink, Peter Verschut, Ibrahim Can Kaymaz, Allard Braakhuis and Özgür Seydibeyoğlu

Wallison da Silva Bezerra

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the Federal University of Piauí in Brazil, I have  experience with Finite Element Analysis (FEA). My first work with this subject started during my graduation when I studied the dynamic analysis of beams on elastic foundations and later on applied this knowledge to analyse the dynamic behaviour of Laminated Composites in my final thesis.

After this work, I was invited to assist in a doctorate project at NHL Stenden in the TPAC group in Emmen to study Short-Fiber Reinforced Composites (SFRC). The unpredictable behaviour of this type of analysis was my main focus during this time, as it is difficult to capture the effect of all micro-mechanical parameters that affect the response of this material. For that purpose, I was responsible for creating a Representative Volume Element (RVE) that comprises all characteristics and analysing its response by numerical methods (FEM).

Now, I have joined the LightWeight Structures group at TPAC, to work with 3D printing of continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastics. The current challenge is to understand the process and its implications once the complexity of the problem and unpredictable behaviour, in some cases, can affect the macro-mechanical response of the material. Therefore a precise control of all parameters is required. Working in this direction, I intend to expand my knowledge and contribute to advances in the field at TPAC.

Martijn Jannink

Since March 2023 I’ve been a part time employee at TPAC (part of the LED Lightweight engineering department) in Saxion Enschede. I really enjoy it a lot up to now, because I see a lot of new developments in our lab and have had interesting meetings with and questions from colleagues and clients. Recycling of plastics and new biological composites really attracted my attention, as an attractive alternative for many of the polluting materials nowadays.

I graduated in 2009 from Aerospace Structures at the Delft University of Technology. This graduation was an analysis of the progressive failure under impact within composites (explicit FEM for the people interested). Since my graduation I have worked at Airbus DS on satellites and launchers and at Siemens WP on the offshore windmill blades. Both were mainly for certification of their products, but I feel proud of my tiny contribution to; open source data (5 PB/mth of worldwide variations in air, water and land) through satellites that I contributed to.

Since then I have had short projects for different companies. The variation of products was bigger, but more focussed on selling the products through the, nowadays hip, model pictures with green and red, without any focus on the product they were actually selling to their clients. This focus is something I did find at TPAC!

Peter Verschut

My name is Peter Verschut, I am 64 years old, married, have two children (m/f) and live in Almelo. Since the 1ste of February this year, I have been working at Saxion and very specifically at TPAC. I am not completely unfamiliar with HBO, having worked at HAN Automotive Research in Arnhem. I have spent my working life at the National Aerospace Laboratory, Fokker/GKN, Thales, STODT, my own company (twice) and now in education.

Whether I was doing research, managing a department, doing strategic business development, helping companies looking for new products or customers, in all my jobs the application of composite materials has always been central. I felt now was the time to share my knowledge with young professionals.

I hope to do this for some time to come within Saxion, but also outside Saxion.

Ibrahim Can Kaymaz

My engineering passion lies in the relentless pursuit of innovation and problem-solving. I am driven by a deep curiosity and a hunger to push the boundaries of what is possible. My BSc in Mechanical Engineering and MSc in Material Science and Engineering with working experience in the automotive industry leads me to deepen my knowledge and grow my perspective. Engineering is not simply my job; it is also my purpose because of my commitment to lifelong learning and my enthusiasm.

Allard Braakhuis

My name is Allard Braakhuis, I’m 23 years old and I just graduated from my master’s in mechanical engineering at the UT (HTSM). Halfway June I started working at TPAC.

A large part of my master was concerned with composites and plastics, and I graduated at TPRC (a sister organisation of TPAC), where I have worked part time alongside my master. Besides composites, I also like being involved in practical work. That’s why I ended up at TPAC. The research is close to the application, and the pragmatic and solution driven mindset suits me well. I will work as a composite research engineer at TPAC, where I will focus on tape winding of thermoplastic composites to produce products such as pressure tanks.

Özgür Seydibeyoğlu

I joined TPAC in March 2023 as a Senior Researcher for on-going thermoplastic composite research. I have extensive knowledge on polymer compounding, polymer characterization and polymer testing besides my expertise on fibre technology for fibre reinforced composites. I have wide industry experience on carbon fibres and polymer processing apart from academic publications. Before joining TPAC, I have been a researcher in different countries in North America and Europe besides my experiences in my country Turkey. Currently I am leading new project proposals for EU and national projects and helping the current projects at TPAC.

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